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Smart Watches
Nov 15, 2016

Smart Watch is having information processing capacity, in line with the basic technical requirements of the watch watches. Apart from the time, you should also have reminders, the navigation, the calibration, monitoring, one or more functions such as interactive; display including hands, numerals, images, and so on. March 2013 media, Apple, Samsung, tech giants such as Google, which will release later in 2013, the smart watch. United States market research firm Current Analysis Analyst aiwei·gelinjiate (Avi Greengart) that first year of 2013 will become smart watch.

Smart watches on the market today can be broadly divided into two types:

With no phone: relying on connected smart phones and multi-function, synchronization of mobile phones, text messages, emails, photos, music, etc;

Second, with call function: supports SIM card is inserted, is essentially a watch form Smartphone; most of the market using the Android system.

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