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NFC Match
Nov 15, 2016

Bluetooth headsets that support NFC functionality, just gently touched with NFC-enabled phones can be paired, eliminating the traditional cumbersome matching process.


1, using the voice dialing: short press MFB button (no more than 1 second and press hear 1 beep sound is a short press), say the name of the person you want to call, if you want to store on the mobile phone voice dialing on record.

2, dial the last phone number: press and hold multifunction key, redial is done.

3, the answered call: short press MFB button.

4, end a call: short press MFB button.

Bluetooth headphones when you plug in the charger:

1, led constant light, said it is charging.

2, the led turns off, charging is complete.

Bluetooth headsets do not plug in the charger:

1, led is off, says it has shut down.

2, led constant on, go into pairing mode.

3, led blinks 5 times quickly, said successful matches.

4, the LED flashes every 3 seconds 1, is on standby.

5, led slow blink 1 time every 8 seconds, said in the call State.

Note: when the headset charge while running every 20 seconds and 5 short voice prompts.