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Much This Watch! Health Smart Watches And Polygraph Function
Nov 15, 2016

All raised platform can be described as is in recent years technology innovation of representative and inspiration source, like this paragraph VIVOGRAPH watches, it of like looks no what rare, but it built-in has up to more than 10 species sensor, including common of deceleration with, and pressure, and height meter, and gyro instrument, and heart rate,, also has not too common of pulse blood oxygen instrument, and skin electric (EDA), and light vascular volume figure (PPG), and ECG sensor.

First of all, VIVOGRAPH the natural step counter, regular heart rate monitoring function can be realized, can live in different modes enable the sensor to monitor moods, even lie.

Through the skin (EDA) and vascular volume (PPG) sensor support, coupled with the software, you can monitor your partner's mood swings, according to developer said, the accuracy rate of up to 80%, and has helped customers save and retrieve up to 10 million dollars in damages.