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How To Distinguish The USB Data Cable
Jun 01, 2018

How to distinguish the USB data line is good or bad?

1, we first check the quality from the appearance, look at the surface of the injection interface, its quality can be seen in the injection molding compound, if the surface looks uneven and also deformed, there is a crack surface is not bright and very dark The data lines are relatively poor, and the data lines with good quality look very beautiful on the surface. There are no marks, surface gloss, and plump quality.

2, look at the metal head is not rusty, there is no deformation of the socket, there is to see if there is no glue inside the interface or it will damage your charger.

3, the quality of the line depends on the surface of the printing is not clear, the surface of the wire is rough sand particles are relatively poor wire, and then you can also swing 180 degrees up and down dozens of times to see if there is no pattern to break, the general quality It is not scarred that a good data line swings like this for dozens of times.

4, if conditions permit, you can also try to charge your mobile phone, see if you can charge, and then touch the line in the charging process will not heat hot.