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How To Connect Bluetooth Headset With Your Phone
May 26, 2018

How should a Bluetooth headset be connected to the phone correctly? Mingsen electronic headset speaker manufacturers today to explain how to connect Bluetooth to the phone:

The method steps have the following five points:

1: In the life we often use headphones, but the traditional wired headset will encounter many problems when used, so the buddy will choose to buy a Bluetooth headset to use more convenient and simple, then how do you connect a Bluetooth headset ?

2: First we need to open the Bluetooth headset. According to the different models of Bluetooth headsets, the key locations are generally in different places. Everyone can find the desired instructions on the box.

3: After opening, we need to turn on the Bluetooth function on the phone. In the settings we find Bluetooth, and then we turn Bluetooth on.

4: If it is a Bluetooth headset that has been connected, after the Bluetooth is turned on, the searched device will be automatically connected. If it is the first connection, we can find the desired Bluetooth device name below and click on the connection.

5: When the inside is displayed as connected, we can use the Bluetooth headset normally. If we use it next time, we can turn on the headset and Bluetooth to connect automatically. It is very convenient.