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Bluetooth Headset Usage
Nov 15, 2016

Bluetooth pairing

1, used for the first time, to allow the headset charge about 2-4 hours, charge 2 hours later, the manual said, preferably not more than 4 hours, some forums say must be 24 hours is unfounded, so small headphones, charger 24 hours, some over the top.

2, click Bluetooth settings in the phone settings, select "on" to complete. This opens the phone's Bluetooth support.

3, in the Bluetooth headset turned off, press and hold the headset multifunction button MFB for more than 3 seconds until the headset on the blue light is lit (1, attention is often bright, pairing process has always, not blinking or not lit 2, there are some equipment for the flashing red and blue), this Bluetooth headset is in discovery status.

4, open the phone's Bluetooth options find successful searches to display Bluetooth headset on the headset will be in the list of name and type, and click OK.

5, enter the password on the phone (usually 0000), there are no passwords, headset led is flashing rapidly, that is matched.

Name 6, click Bluetooth headset: MOTOROLA HS850, open, select the binding. Complete Bluetooth headset connected to the phone. This phone could have been connected to the USB "Ding-Dong" tone, when a Bluetooth headset is closed, may also have a similar sound, which can determine whether the Bluetooth headset and the phone has a good connection.

If you only use mobile phones to communicate with a Bluetooth headset, rather than as an exchange of information with other Bluetooth devices, you can select unbound check box.