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Bluetooth Headset FAQ Troubleshooting Solution
May 22, 2018

A lot of drivers have chosen Bluetooth headsets, but it is because they do not understand what brand of Bluetooth headset is good, resulting in the Bluetooth headset was not scrapped soon after the scrap. So I will give you a summary of my many years of experience and common troubleshooting methods There are basically four common faults. Here's what we can tell you about:

A: Bluetooth headset and mobile phone can not be paired, the processing method is to check whether the bluetooth headset is in the traffic light flashing; the light flashing frequency is normal or not. The Bluetooth function of the mobile phone is turned on.

Two: can not boot, this is generally the most direct reason is that the Bluetooth headset does not have electricity, use the charger to charge it.

Three: The charging indicator light is not normal because the Bluetooth headset is charging the first time the battery is used or long-term disable, it will be in automatic protection state, it may take 30 to 90 minutes to enter the normal state of charge. So we do not have to worry about Not the charger is broken or there is a problem with the headset.

Four: When the headset is charging, the power indicator is off. Check if the charger and ac power supply board power connection is connected.

In fact, this solution is summarized in two points:

1: answer the phone: Under the premise of the two mobile phones are all in the standby mode of Bluetooth, any one of the mobile phones can accurately call the Bluetooth headset when there is an incoming call. (Excluding some Bluetooth mobile phones with Bluetooth defects)

2: Make a call: If you want to use one of the Bluetooth headsets to talk, you must first select this phone with a Bluetooth headset; remember not to press the answer button on the Bluetooth headset, or the headset will automatically be coupled with The connection of the mobile phone. Disconnected method: Built-in rechargeable polymer lithium, please give the Bluetooth headset sufficient power during the first charge, the headset automatically cut off during the call, first look at your phone signal strength is above two levels Or low battery, then check if the low battery is off.