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When buying headphones, mainly from the following aspects to consider
Nov 15, 2016

The quality of the product

Buy a Bluetooth headset should pay more attention to the quality and performance of the products, such as battery life, the level of radiation. And General poor quality or of lesser quality Bluetooth headsets, for cost control, both in workmanship, or on materials are not guaranteed, poor quality of products, the actual use of functional data varied widely, and the amount of radiation is very high.

Call quality

Because quality is the basic measure of a Bluetooth headset quality parameters, typically using rods designed Bluetooth headset, the microphone closer to the mouth, and the call quality is superior to other types of products.

Standby time

Because this is the same phone for everyday use, earphone standby time is longer, often charging troubles can be avoided, which is one measure of Bluetooth headsets.

Wearing comfort

The human ear is more delicate, if the headset ear loop material is not good, or there are some defects in design, are worn after a long time, will produce feelings of discomfort. So before you buy should be carefully examined, select Bluetooth headset that fits your ear-shaped.

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