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What are the basic functions of the smart bracelet?
Aug 17, 2018

What are the basic functions of the smart bracelet?

The main body of the smart bracelet is generally made of medical rubber and memory rubber. Smart Bracelet Smart Bracelet (2 photos) Natural non-toxic, high-end fashion design, generous, not only has the function of sports health secretary, but also has the function of fashion accessories, the appearance has streamlined garlands, various colors.

It can be said that step counting and sleep quality tracking are the most basic functions of all current smart bracelets. The two most basic data are measured and recorded by smart sensors and flash chips in the wristband. Other data such as calorie consumption, walking distance, and sleep quality are based on these two data, and the values such as height, weight, and age of the user are calculated by software. However, in the case of the current motion sensor solution, there is a certain amount of error in the counting step.

Therefore, for the wristband, the detection of the built-in sensor and the algorithm of the software are the prerequisites for improving the accuracy of the step counter. Through the above test comparison, it is not difficult to find that under the same test conditions, the smaller the cumulative step value, the higher the accuracy in the step, and the recorded steps are closer to the actual walking steps.

Of course, in addition to step counting, sleep tracking is also a basic function of the smart bracelet, but for the bracelet that needs to manually turn off the sleep tracking function every day, Garmin Vivofit supports automatic and manual 2 sleep tracking mode design. It is quite human. After all, we sometimes have a situation where we forget to turn on or turn off sleep tracking and data breaks.