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VR technology will be the key factors affecting the headphone market future
Nov 15, 2016

2016, VR launched the first consumer hardware lineup, in addition to content makers are also trying to experiment, trying to figure out what this technology can do, not what you can do, although the VR industry is still trying to hold, but it would have an impact on other markets. Recently, Grand View Research published a study, results show that the headphone market in the year 2024 and is expected to reach about 20.4657 billion dollars, and VR is one of the key factors.

As the technology becomes more advanced, for example, a 3D stereo effect, users can hear the bullet's exact location in the virtual world, or can hear directly from the people, so that audio plays a very important role in the whole experience.

As people in the mobile application playing PlayStation or the quality of graphics on the games, their demand for enhanced user experience grows, thereby increasing the demand for games and VR Head, just as it is today. During the forecast period, this trend is likely to continue.

At present, plays a dominant role in the VR industry including Apple, Sennheiser, Sony, doctor, JVC Kenwood, Alclair Audio, Harman International, and Panasonic.