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VR play an important role in the headset industry spring
Nov 15, 2016

Recently, related industries to flourish due to people the concept of VR. Research data show that benefit from VR concept, hardware sales, and also VR headset market fire ignited the next consumer market.

Industry sources, Samsung, HTC headset is often used as extensions of the immersive experience of virtual reality industry. Professional headsets manufacturer compared to its quality does not compare on the. For consumers, buying a high quality headset is the best way to enhance the VR experience.

The data revealed that in-ear headphones will for some time in the future, from the concept of VR pull 5.1624 billion dollars of which in the future will be 2015 years soared to 2024 9.616 billion dollars. From the perspective of price, $50-100 (total 338-677 trillion yuan) products will become a mainstream consumer demand.

In addition, benefit from developments in emerging markets, China, India and Japan and other countries is also increasing demand for headphone market, in the headset market, the status of the Asia-Pacific region should not be underestimated.

Industry insiders say, VR around major areas of not just headphones, in related industries such as glass charms are still important.