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USB drive
Nov 15, 2016

USB driver support USB 2.0 devices.

Due to operating system support issues, use a USB 2.0 driver needs to be installed, otherwise it will lead to USB 2.0 devices cannot achieve its true effectiveness. But what is disturbing is, some motherboard driver CD does not provide drivers for USB 2.0. So in this case we should do? If you are using the Windo[1] ws98 operating system, then install relevant drivers, there is no other way. If you are using Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating systems, you can upgrade to USB2.0 support provided, such as installing Windows2000 SP4 and WindowsXP SP1 packages to provide USB 2.0 support. But in fact, we are in many cases is not very convenient to upgrade the system, so the best way is to install the USB 2.0 driver.