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USB connector classification
May 26, 2018

With the development of mobile phone connectors today, only five types of mobile phones can be used: FPC connectors, board-to-board connectors, I/O connectors, card connectors, and battery connectors. The mobile phone connectors are analyzed one by one.

              USB connector.jpg

     Battery connector, battery connector can be divided into shrapnel type and guillotine type. The technical trend of battery connectors is mainly miniaturization, new battery interface, low contact impedance and high connection reliability.

     The development trend of board-to-board connectors and mobile midplane-to-board connectors is that pin pitch and height are getting smaller and smaller. Currently, the main focus is 0.4mm pitch, which will gradually develop to 0.35mm or even smaller, and the follow-up requirement is even lower. And have a shielding effect. At the same time the height of the BTB (board-to-board connector) is gradually reduced to 0.9mm.

      The I/O connector, I/O connector is one of the most important access channels in the mobile phone, including the connection of the power supply and the signal. The volume reduction and product standardization will be the main direction for future development. Nowadays, Circular and Mini USB connectors are more commonly used. Microphone connectors used by mobile phones are gradually becoming standardized development under the impetus of the European Union and the GSM Association. The current mainstream market is 5pin. As mobile phone manufacturers have their own mobile phone solutions, The development trend of the combination of standardization and customization of the MicroUSB connector, and the earphone plug-in connector has also been the same trend of development. In 2012, foreign countries will mainly use MicroUSB as the standard interface for charging, Nokia, Moto and SEMC and other mobile phone manufacturers have begun Take substantive steps. Further requirements are for thinner connectors, visual effects, and waterproofing.