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Smart bracelet fitness, lose weight? You also need this advice
Nov 15, 2016

1. find your level

In the fitness or weight-loss, we often encounter this kind of problem, quick success led halfway. Therefore, before we can develop a campaign plan, you need to understand your daily activity level, so as to work out its own, will stick to the health plan. We can wear a week to 24-hour monitoring of smart bracelet, so you can understand their average daily amount of exercise.

2. track strength

Once you have mastered your current level, you need to increase actively monitor the amount of data. These new data will help you to set more effective, realistic goals.

3. Add a heart rate monitor

Health of heart disease has become a major killer, 31% because of a heart attack deaths globally each year.

Moreover, the very large number of heart rate and calories burned. The heart beats faster, the speed of weight loss faster. This sounds perfect, but it beats too fast, you will soon.

Solution is to lower the heart rate level, so we can safely exercise for a long time, so that you can burn more calories.

Unfortunately, many smart bracelet can only be based on activity level, height, weight, age and gender to estimate their heart rate. If you already have a smart bracelet, you will also need a separate heart rate monitor. If you are looking to purchase a new smart bracelet, you can try Mio Fuse or Basis Peak. Wisdom master ring has a built-in optics heart rate monitor.