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Evaluation of Bluetooth headsets
Nov 15, 2016

1, can wear a Bluetooth headset while talking on the phone, you can also do other things;

2, electromagnetic wave Bluetooth headset at far lower when talking on the phone as long as the phones in a pocket or Briefcase, put on your headphones easily speak without hands high, can effectively reduce the effects of electromagnetic waves on the body;

3, the "Bluetooth" technology at a low cost, low power, short range, high frequency (frequency hopping) advantage of privacy instead of infrared technology in PC and applications of mobile communications products.


Most widely used the Bluetooth 2.0+EDR standard, the standard in 2004, has been published and supporting Bluetooth standard products in 2006, a large number of 2.0+EDR. Bluetooth 2.0+EDR standards are technically made a lot of improvements, but up from 1. X standards inherited from the configuration process is complicated and device power consumption larger problems remain.

In order to improve the existing problem of Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth SIG Organization (Special Interest Group) has launched a Bluetooth 2.1+EDR version of Bluetooth technology.

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