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Creation of electronic product reliability working conditions
Nov 15, 2016

Due to moisture in insulation materials for electronic products will reduce the insulation, leakage current noise generated. Therefore, the place of custody or placement of electronic products, be sure to dry, there must be sufficient moisture-proof measure, sought to avoid in high humidity, or concrete.

Due to the electrostatic interaction of the product easy to absorb dust, resulting in less insulation and temperature rise of electronic components, electronic products often cleaning dust.

Electronic components, metal parts, and exposed to the air will oxidize, rust, change resistance, resulting in poor contact, form noise. Fear of rusting metal or welds, painted with enamel paint for protection. In addition, acid flux for welding, still is not cleared after using the electronic components metal parts corrosion, cause poor contact. In any corrosive gases should have sufficient corrosion protection measures.

Equipment environment due to some shock or impact noise-prone to equipment components such as installation or wiring fixed, shock and impact measures are required. When used to avoid rash and rough handling. Not collision, pay attention when handling with care.