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Analysis of the life of smart watches
Sep 08, 2018

Analysis of the life of smart watches

Analysis of the life of smart watches, how difficult is the life of smart watches, why Huawei Apple is not sure? At the Google I / O Developers Conference on June 26, 2014, the smart watch operating system Android Wear (now renamed Wear OS Officially released, Samsung, LG and Motorola also launched smart watch products for Android Wear. Three months later, Apple's first smart watch, the Apple Watch, was officially released, which also kicked off the era of smart watches.

This category, once regarded as a replacement for smartphones, did not explode to its own era. From the market research organization IDC's data comparison of the smart watch market in 2015 and 2016, it can be seen that the shipment of smart watches in the third quarter of 16 years decreased by 51.6% compared with the same period of last year, and this fundamentally led to such market performance. One of the main reasons is that the poor endurance of smart watches affects the consumer experience.

The root cause of poor performance of smart watches is mainly limited by the current battery technology can not be broken, although lithium batteries have smaller, lighter volume and higher energy density than earlier nickel batteries. However, in a limited volume, from a safety point of view, smart watches can only use lithium batteries of about 300-400 mAh, and the endurance that it can provide is limited by the consumption of screens and high-performance processors.

In order to improve the life of smart watches, many manufacturers choose to do subtraction for smart watches, just like the crowdfunding Pebble, which uses the electronic ink screen design to give it a relatively long battery life, although it can also do At the same time support Android and iOS systems, but the system expansion and platform development capabilities of the entire smart watch are far less than Apple Watch OS and Google Wear OS. Frankly speaking, such a smart watch is a fake smart watch product, which is more like a smart bracelet with the appearance of a traditional watch.

The problem of battery life and the reality of the large number of manufacturers of pseudo-smart watches entering the market have also led many consumers interested in smart watches to purchase smart bracelets with higher cost performance. Although the smart bracelet does not have the problem of battery life, it The lack of intelligent experience is actually difficult to take on the post in the post-mobile era. How to find a balance between function and battery life will become the thinking direction of smart watch manufacturers in the future.